Guidance on joining our wonderful club! TDRA (Texas Drag Racing Association) is a group of Nostalgia Eliminator 1,2, & 3, racers who would like to continue racing with the community of racers developed over the past decade. Travel/Transporting to the Track. Posted on January 16, 2020 January 21, 2020 by drozdmotorsports. Drag Cars For Sale. Drag Racing Services Offered. Nostalgia Super Stock.

**MUST POST INDEX ON CAR (FRONT & REAR WINDOWS) BEFORE 1ST ROUND OF ELIMINATIONS** Due to much concern about the Stock/Super Stock Classes, we will change 1/8 mile indexes and keep them completely separate from 1/4 mile indexes. We will be racing on a set index for each class.

This was through a new division known as Nostalgia Super Stock. In order to accurately preserve the history of traditional Super Stock racing to the best extent possible, the following general principles are considered to be permanent, non-negotiable and are to be supported by the specific rules at all times.

"A Series Run by Racers For Racers." Nostalgia Super Stock, established in 1989, is the oldest organization in existence promoting heads-up exhibition racing.

Moderator: Admin. List of UKNSA meeting dates and locations. All of our members owned a car like or similar to the one they are racing today. Victory Nostalgia Super Stock. Discussions dedicated to Nostalgia Stock / Super Stock. How to join the UK Nostalgia Superstock Association.

Advanced Search List of UKNSA meeting dates and locations.

Nostalgia Super Stock. 2: 3: New members - please read by Admin Feb 26, 2017 12:40:33 GMT: Race Dates. If you have a drag race car that you think will fit our program, click below. 2: 2: Confirmed dates for 2018 by Admin Apr 3, 2018 7:18:31 GMT : Class Rules. Nostalgia Super Stock Rules-Download Link Here-TDRA-NSS-NMA-Rules-2020-v0512 Download. They are from all professions…we have retirees, a real estate developer, pipe fitters, mechanics and various business …

Nostalgia Drag Racing Discussions Not Specific to NSS. Administrative Forums.
Thanks to the support of Victory Performance Parts and our many other Sponsors, the Victory NSS Series was developed to provide a venue for these men and …

Moderators Forum . 3: 4: … 2: 3: New members - please read by Admin Feb 26, 2017 12:40:33 GMT: Race Dates. Share this: Twitter; Facebook; WordPress Theme: BlogGem by TwoPoints. The current UK version of Nostalgia Superstock follows the more modern American take on the Sport. It runs four to six events each year at different tracks around the Southeast US.

Rules for racing with the UK Nostalgia Superstock Association.

Home; Schedule; Points Standings; Nostalgia Eliminator Rules; Nostalgia Eliminator Payouts ; Nostalgia Super Stock Rules; Contact; Nostalgia Super Stock Rules. The UK Nostalgia Superstock Association (UKNSA) is a class for drag racers who own American, pre-1980 V8 cars. As the Class and number of cars increases, it is hoped that one day the UK racing will follow the format of yester-year in America, but for now, expect to see stylish and brutal American cars … Instead, it belongs to all the members that support it. Nostalgia Super Stock competition is a drag racing time machine of A/FX and Super Stock race cars from the muscle car era of 1959 to 1969.

Our cars are larger, heavier, and have huge american motors compared to their modern day counterparts.

Nostalgia Drag Racing Discussions Not Specific to NSS. NOSTLAGIA SUPER STOCK Class Description Nostalgia Super Stock is an index-style foot brake only class for the year models, body styles, and engine combinations, which accurately represent those cars, which raced in the A/FX and Super Stock classes of the ’60s. The restored or replica cars, all members of the Midwest Nostalgia Pro Stock Association, will make exhibition passes and be on display in the Hot Rod Junction at the track. Sitting Around in the Pits . Drag Racing Classified Ads.