As a result of Quest's recent divestiture from Dell, Quest acquired a number of products from Dell. The Frog and Toad Life Cycle. The big question is what is the difference between frogs and toads? The frog lays its eggs (as many as 20,000) in a clump (toads in long strands). They hatch into tadpoles (the larval stage) which look like fish. The American toad (Anaxyrus americanus) is a common species of toad found throughout the eastern United States and Canada.It is divided into three subspecies—the eastern American toad (A. a. americanus), the dwarf American toad (A. a. charlesmithi), and the rare Hudson Bay toad (A. a. copei).Recent taxonomic treatments place this species in the genus Anaxyrus instead of Bufo. Understanding these different stages and the toad's changing needs as it matures will help you raise and breed pet toads successfully. The Product Support Life Cycle table above describes the phase during which products are eligible for product support and new release downloads. Why are there not 20,000 tadpoles in the pond? The eggs are called Frog Spawn. If you are out on that night, you may hear them hopping through the leaves. With the first warm night of spring, American Toads migrate from their woodland and garden homes to their breeding wetlands. The tadpoles have gills and a tail and special jaws for eating vegetation. TOAD DETOUR LIFE CYCLE WHAT IS A TOAD? Toads are actually a type of frog, so they share many similar characteristics, including the stages of their life cycle. Some of these legacy products found on this website may still contain Dell branding. American Toad. PHILLY TOADS TOADS WORLDWIDE LINKS TOAD HOME TOAD LIFE CYCLE. The Difference in Frogs and Toads . Come and learn about the life cycle of a toad and about each of its four stages of growing up. But toads aren’t what are called “true frogs". Toads mature in very definite stages - in fact, a baby toad looks nothing like an adult. The problem with this question is that there isn’t an easy answer because toads ARE frogs, or at least they are in the frog family.