Define mural.

Learn more. Picocean finds 46533 original abstract mural related pictures for you to download online, including abstract mural background wall pictures, abstract mural wallpaper, high-definition abstract mural pictures and so on, download high-quality abstract mural pictures on Picocean. In its details, a bustling city managed to fuse into majestic artwork. Simply peel off the protective backing and stick it to to any smooth, flat non-porous surface, indoors or outdoors. A soft yet striking design, this Abstract Blue Geometric Wallpaper Mural is a fantastic way to liven up your decor. Classic Elegant and smooth matte finish wallpaper. Jan 22, 2019 - Our collection of abstract mineral wall murals features a variety of designs inspired by the beauty of nature. In this section you will find our abstract and geometry wallpaper murals. Vibrant color, superior print definition, and is washable. If you are looking for a way to refresh your decor and custom your walls, abstract murals are a great option.

n. A very large image, such as a painting or enlarged photograph, applied directly to a … Abstract mural at the former Charlotte Art League by Carlleena Person – The beloved self-taught artist passed away in 2012 following complications from … mural meaning: 1. a large picture that has been painted on the wall of a room or building 2. a large picture that…. 100% the best peel-and-stick and our most popular wall covering choice.

Mural definition: A mural is a picture painted on a wall.

Digitally printed for remarkable clarity, QuickMurals are repositionable, removable and reusable. Apart from those abstract wall murals shown above, we also have several others that you can easily choose from on our list: In some areas, mural painting became a very public way of expressing a point of view, as in the political wall murals of Northern Ireland, the earliest of which was painted in 1908. Printed on high quality self adhesive canvas. With modern geometric patterns in lovely tones of soft blue, this abstract style wallpaper will have an eye-catching impact without being too overpowering.

Tangible & Abstract. Installs instantly without paste or tools. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples mural synonyms, mural pronunciation, mural translation, English dictionary definition of mural. The bias of tangible and abstract describes the fact that people are influenced more by what is immediately observable than by factors that are hypothetical or distant, such as something that could happen in the future or is happening far away. The city space abstract wall mural is a blend of real-life drawing and abstract details into a single space. They are colorful, vivid and mysterious and they will give life to your home.

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