Application Portfolio Assessment. portfolio) or to show samples of students best work (showcase portfolio) Portfolio assessment can be used in addition to other assessments or the sole source of assessment. Visualize how your application portfolio will be upgraded and maintained over time.

Some schools even use portfolio assessment as a basis for high school graduation! Collating and communicating the result of the analysis will ensure its effective use. Applications portfolio analysis (APA) is a tool to divide current and proposed applications into three categories — utility, enhancement and frontier — based on the degree to which they contribute to the enterprise’s performance.

By consolidating applications within the same business function, you can identify applications to modernize or upgrade. An application rationalization initiative is often driven by a specific goal (like removing ‘retired’ apps from the portfolio within two quarters) that focuses on a small part of the total portfolio. If an organization has programs like Secure Software Development in place, this plan can be integrated into the overall program’s goal to contribute to the common cause. approach to application portfolio rationalization. Capturing the application portfolio Stage 1: Application Handbook" • Per application, a set of predefined set of attributes, is recorded e.g. Track progress for the evaluation, implementation and maintenance of each application in your toolbox.

Create a project plan with proper timelines based on which security assessment of these applications could be carried out. This linear thinking is not sustainable and will eventually cripple the IT group's ability to respond to new business requirements. Use the ServiceNow® Application Portfolio Management (APM) application to gain a comprehensive understanding of the applications used in your organization so you can identify redundancies, and decrease budgetary costs. Application portfolio inventory template helps save time and money, as application portfolio management can take up to 70% to 90% IT funds of a company. As we gathered data, we needed a way to do some analysis, so we migrated the data to an MS Access db. using a a questionnaire • Examples of frequently used attributes to describe an application" • Name" • Unique ID (application number)" • Responsibility of the application"

Try this template Application portfolio management is nearly impossible to perform without an honest and thorough understanding of end user sentiment toward IT software. Most important, determine the costs associated with application, both direct (payments to vendors) and indirect (staff hours and hardware allocated to it). Information technology (IT) planning often follows a linear path of deploying software applications and then operating them forever, without a clear idea of when any of the applications will be retired. To help you get started with your application portfolio, I provided a list of sample attributes in our Application Portfolio (see below).