Because of some health and allergy issues, I plan to bring some pouches of tuna fish and fruit leather and possibly some other things for snacks.

Only answer questions you are asked, and avoid trying to be witty. Visit Canada to U.S. Border Wait Times to access the estimated wait times for crossing the Canada-United States land border at certain locations. I was excited!) Being asked to wait in a small room while you wait for questioning by an immigration officer can be a nerve wracking experience for the unprepared.Knowing what to expect and preparing yourself for the experience can … US & Canada Border Crossing FAQ’s ((Frequently Asked Questions) _____ ___***NEW- ACI – Inbound Canada*** Nov. 1st, 2012 What is ACI????? Here are some examples: What is the claimant’s date of birth, citizenship, and marital status? To User-12771673120252827881 excellent answer I would add: * Where are you coming from, and destination. Check with US Customs and Border Protection or the Canadian Border Services to ensure that you have the proper documentation.

If you’re well prepared and you have no items that are not allowed in Canada, the process will go quickly. by JP Bill Jun 1, 2006 12:44PM PDT These were asked of a relative of mine when returning to the US. 122 Spousal Sponsorship Interview Questions for Canadian Immigration.
Visitor Visa Border Interview Questions.

If all your documents are available and in order, they should be over quickly. When you are directed to a booth, you may be asked a series of questions to determine your immigration status, the nature of any goods you are bringing with you, your duty …

If you make a false statement you may not be allowed to stay in Canada.

Questions asked by US Customs when crossing border. The interview will include questions about the claimant and their family members, even family members who are not with the claimant. I looked the card up online and it asks about meat and fruit, etc. The Canada Border Service Agency’s (CBSA) Border Information Service (BIS) is accessible from 6 am to 10 pm (Eastern Daylight Time), 7 days a week. Note: This is the examples of Interview Questions & Answers might be asked by the Visa Officers, please follow for your understanding only (Learn How to answer). What questions are asked in the interview? Yes. by JP Bill Jun 1, 2006 12:44PM PDT These were asked of a relative of mine when returning to the US.

I was gently waved down a side corridor. If you have made an application for your spouse or common law partner and have been scheduled for an interview by Canadian Immigration, your first concern will be the nature of the questions to be asked. Hi Friends, as many of us have got the visa and planning to go to Canada, I just want to ask, what kind of questions can be asked by the immigration officer at airport before he will issue us the Study permit. Because it’s the country I chose to live in and call my home — not new or old — but one and only home. If you develop a fever, a cough or difficulty breathing, call a health care professional or public health authority.

Unless you enjoy spending quality time with law enforcement you should bottle up that attitude until you are safely across the border. Why? The shortest distance between the Canadian border and the Mexican border is 2,253.37 miles. You’d be surprised.

Also be prepared to let children speak for themselves: border guards might ask them some direct questions if they’re old enough to talk in complete sentences. Before you travel, contact the Border Information Service for more information. Me: Hi, with a big smile (I was finally in Canada. Interview process When you arrive in Canada, you’ll have to go through two screening interviews.

By private boat If you are arriving by private boat, proceed directly to a designated marine telephone reporting site and call the CBSA Telephone Reporting Centre (TRC) at 1-888-226-7277 to obtain CBSA clearance. Let’s make it as simple as possible: since 2008, Canadian and American citizens and permanent residents need a passport or PR card to cross the United States and Canada border. My husband and I are flying in to Vancouver to take a Princess cruise and I have some questions about the Declarations card and customs.

3 Important Lessons from a Canadian Border Crossing.