And I'm more concerned with fitting them in safely than I am with price - I figure three new car seats/booster seats, regardless of price, is still much less expensive than trading in the Focus for a minivan

Our new advanced compact car seat Graphene™ has our narrowest footprint at only 285mm, making it perfect for cars with small internal widths. Looking for suggestions for cars that fit 3 seats as this is my 3rd, so I’m going to have to get a bigger car.

Most rear-facing car seats can be easily accommodated in the spacious second row without having to move the front passenger seat forward. Complicating matters: Different cars have back seats of different dimensions and configurations. Ford Mondeo will fit 3 car seats if you choose a slim model such as Britax Prince Ford Galaxy, of course. Some car seats are slimmer than others, and selecting compact designed car seats will make fitting three seats into the back of your car easier. Some car seats are slimmer than others, and selecting compact designed car seats will make fitting three seats into the back of your car easier. Overall shell dimensions vary among seats, and add-ons, such as cup and snack holders, can make them even wider. Ford sells the Expedition from $52,000. SUVs are known for having plenty of room for cargo or people, with the ability to quickly switch between the two.

One of the most popular cars for big families, the Ford Expedition lives up to its reputation, fitting five car seats comfortably; you can easily get three car seats in the second row, and two in the back, though the testers were just a few inches short of squeezing three back … The Expedition thus makes a strong case for itself as one of the cars that fit 3 car seats. My current car is too small.

Or a mid-sized sedan, with back seats that run approximately 52-56 inches wide, or a massive Dodge Grand Caravan at 63.5 inches wide.

The reason it’s worth every cent to have your car seat professionally fitted is you know it’s done right which means your treasures are safe but also, it’s a lot of work. 10 Car Seat Mistakes You Didn't Know You Were Making 10 Best SUV Cargo Space Leaders 10 SUVs That Will Fit 3 Car Seats Many cars aren’t wide enough to fit 3 standard child car seats in the back.

Most new cars in Australia now have at least two ISOFIX fittings with some larger seven seater SUVs like the Land Rover Discovery and Kia Sorento have at least three in total while the Volvo XC90 has two integrated booster seats as well.

If you are trying to fit in 3 booster seats, the RideSafer vest can be used in a lap-only position if there is also a tether anchor point in the car (there should be in cars 2001 and … The dilemma of needing to fit three seats in a family car can lead to a tricky decision needing to be made.

We put a selection of cars to the test to see how many of them can accommodate three child seats both comfortably and safely we will have a newborn baby seat the next one up from that and a booster with the back on it. Guide To The Best Family Cars That Fit 3 Car Seats. The Britax Prince is handy because it's the slimmest seat on the market (at least it was 3 years ago) and, crucially, it can be fitted with either a 3 point harness or lapbelt, which means that you can put 3 …

Ford Expedition drivetrain specifications

This full-size sedan easily fit three car seats in the back seat, and for those parents looking to add a lot of excitement to their lives, there’s the … 2015 Ford Expedition. Just 8 of the 16 family cars measured had room to fit three child car seats Only 5 models had enough space for a trio of seats in the second row MPVs proved the … The aim: How to fit 3 car seats in the back and what configuration worked best for each vehicle.