Traduce check fuel fill inlet. Insert either the fuel fill nozzle or the fuel fill funnel (see Refilling With a Portable Fuel Container in your Owner's Manual for funnel location) provided with the vehicle several times to dislodge any debris and/or allow the inlet to close properly. ...or you can contact the dealer to see if your 2010 falls under Field Service Action Number13N01 (Easy Fuel Capless Fuel Fill Pipe Extended Warranty). Popular Answer. It could also be a leak somewhere in the vapor lines but you'll need a pro to diagnose that. Yeah the fix as I found out is to first check to make sure a hose didn't melt on your over axle pipe.. I suspect it isn't the filler or it is something that can't be cleaned. I don't know exactly what the extended warranty covers on your vehicle. Answer. How to fix ? Common ones would include debris in the filler neck. The check engine light finally came on, and now both the check engine light and "check fuel fill inlet" message are illuminated. (2012 Ford F-150) What is happening or going wrong when notice comes on, " check fuel fill inlet' ?

You get the check fuel inlet warning message when the computer could not get the pressure to go low enough in the beginning of the test. Before posting this thread I did my research and it said there might be some debris in the cap less filler so I checked it cleaned it up I even grabbed the nozzle that came with the car and inserted it a few times and took it out and nothing. Ford Vehicles - Check Fuel Fill Inlet Fix Livi'N'Paradise. michaelkane752 in Ketchum, ID on . Nothing. stevieray1 on . Answer. If not pull out your emergency fuel fill tube and cycle the door multiple times. The "Check Fuel Filler Inlet" light has not come back on but I'm still having an issue trying to fill the tank. September 06, 2015. What seems to make the problem better or worse?

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A code comes up "CHECK FUEL FILL INLET". I've checked everything I can visibly see and it all looks in order and undamaged. The fuel line going over the OAs are in great shape and away from the exhaust. I got the 'check fuel inlet'' message once in a while before the light came on, then when …

How long have you had this problem? Loading ... 2010-2014 Mustang Fuel Filler Neck Replacement (Check Fuel Fill Inlet/Check Engine Light) - Duration: 5:39. Check if the flap is closing all the way, there could be some dirt or other buildup in the way. After 4 starts and an hour drive it should clear it self and a link from ford about the no cap filler… So on my way to school this morning I looked over to my message screen to check my gas range and I notice a "Check Fuel Fill Inlet" message. Can someone tell me what the problem is (2010 Ford F-150) jamestruck in Kennewick, WA on . When you refuel and remove the nozzle the filler neck should reseal. The "fuel fill inlet" and the "capless fuel system" are the same thing. I've tried cleaning it myself, Ive taken it to the ford dealership and had them clean/blow it out with high pressure air and lastly I went ahead and had the fuel neck and gasket replaced and nothing has stopped the problem. A few days. Mira traducciones acreditadas de check fuel fill inlet en español con oraciones de ejemplo y pronunciación de audio. There are numerous possibilities. September 14, 2017. The evap line was a bit dirty and I cleaned it up but still can only put in about 1/4-1/2 gallon of fuel at a tyme.