Dark Void delivers a ground breaking combination of fast paced vertical combat mixed with mid-air and on-foot action. Read reviews and ratings of Dark Void from our experts, and see what our community says, too! This menial, lacklustre experience is a constant curse in Dark Void, as epic aerial encounters quickly become routine, suffering the death of a thousand identical cuts. Dark Void's unique combination of in-air and on-ground combat creates a thrilling new gameplay dynamic to the third-person shooter experience. At it's core, Dark Void is a mix between a third-person shooter with some unique takes on cover and combat, and a jet-pack aerial combat system. Summary: Dark Void is a sci-fi action-adventure game that combines an adrenaline-fuelled blend of aerial and on-foot combat set in a parallel universe called "The Void".

You'll get the jetpack early on and be able to leap into the sky to hover over the bad guys or fly around at breakneck speeds.

Review: Dark Void When Capcom publishes a game, there are very few people who don't know about it, but it has to be said that Dark Void's marketing and hype has been somewhat minimal.

Dark Void is a great example of wasted potential. Dark Void Review. DARK TRANQUILLITY gehören zu den wenigen Bands, bei denen die Messlatte ganz oben anzulegen ist, da sie bereits seit 20 Jahren durchweg Qualität liefern.

Review: Dark Void's Jetpack Action Sputters, Freefalls In-flight combat in Dark Void means a learning curve, and by the time you master it, the game is over.

Dark Void takes place in the mid-1930s: your character, Nathan Drake Prince of Persia Hades Desmond Miles Jason Fleming Will Grey, is a cargo pilot hired by his ex-girlfriend to run an errand. It is easy to control after a few minutes geting accustom to what buttons do what. Dark Void™ is a sci-fi action-adventure game that combines an adrenaline-fueled blend of aerial and ground-pounding combat. The story, the "jetpack-flying-action", the 3D-Gameplay... all that in combination could have made a great game, but thanks to a boring mission- and level-design, repetitive enemies and mediocre graphics it just isn't.

Story: 7/10 The story features a charter pilot named Will, who is cargoing a package through the Bermuda Triangle for his … Void (noun) – a completely empty space. Test: Dark Void (Action-Adventure) von Benjamin Schmädig, 18.01.2010. Yeah, that about sums it up for us. Yes Dark Void is a good game, but it's not perfect.

Something is consuming our … The on-foot third-person combat -- where you'll hide behind walls and other objects and peg off baddies with your weapons -- doesn't really add much to the genre. Dark Void isn’t a terrible game, but it’s just not worth playing if you already own some of the killer games that came out last year. But things get better. You'll play as Will. It’s just average so it gets a straight down the middle 5 out of 10.

Dark Void is a game that when I ask anyone about it, the first thing anyone says is 'It's about the worst game I've played'. All this publication's reviews

Dark Voided. Zooming around with your jetpack can be a lot of fun, but routine shooter action and long flightless sections keep Dark Void from flying high. Images courtesy Capcom