The band has released three albums between their first in 1998 and their break-up in 2009.

The band's lineup was lead singer Pauline Murray, Robert Blamire (bass), Gary Smallman (drums) and Gary Chaplin (guitar). Harvey Danger was a rock band from Seattle, Washington who formed in 1992 and released three albums before disbanding in 2009.

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Welcome to the archive of the Seattle band Harvey Danger.

The tune just makes you want to tap your foot. They are a rare group that sounds much better in person. The band dissolved in late 1979. Harvey Danger was an American alternative rock band that was formed in Seattle, Washington in 1993 by journalism students at the University of Washington. Harvey Danger is a rock band from Seattle, Washington.

I can't leave out everyone's favorite "I'm Not Sick but I'm Not Well"! The band is no longer active, but its music lives on thanks to the internet, where time no longer exists and everything is always available all of it, as a wise man reminds us, massively mattering to someone, presumably. The band has released three albums between their first in 1998 and their break-up in 2009. For one reason or another, these performers died in front of their audiences, unexpectedly taking their final bows… Nick Menza | 0:15 'Dimebag' Darrell Abbott | 0:42 This song is about how when Harvey Danger began getting popular, lead singer Sean Nelson became more and more detached from the people he loved.

He was 43.

The lead singer ran his hands through that beautiful curly hair. The band rose to prominence in 1997 with the single "Flagpole Sitta", which was later used as the theme tune to the British sitcom Peep Show.

Everyone started singing it with him at the top of their lungs and it was a killer experience. He is currently the lead singer and guitarist in the band The Long Winters, was formerly a touring member of the band Harvey Danger, and co-hosts the podcasts Roderick On The Line, Road Work, Omnibus, and Friendly Fire. When they do the part that goes woo hoo it sounds so cool! John Roderick is an American musician, writer, podcaster, and politician. pop-rockers were greeted like hometown heroes at the show.

It was only the second time Harvey Danger have ever played New York, according to lead singer Sean Nelson, and yet the quirky, Seattle-bred .

Chaplin left in March 1978 being replaced with Neale Floyd, with second guitarist Fred Purser joining in July.

They're best known for their indie-pop sound and the witty lyrics of their lead singer Sean Nelson, a respected Seattle music journalist, as …

HARVEY DANGER 1993-2009.

Named for the formative location in lead singer John Wozniak's childhood (the Marcy Open grade school in Minneapolis, Minnesota), Marcy Playground emerged in the… read more Marcy Playground is an … In an interview for AVClub, lead singer Sult says: [‘Flagpole Sitta’] manages to snag some sort of zeitgeist experience. Aaron Huffman, the bass player and co-songwriter for the local band Harvey Danger, died Sunday of respiratory failure after a battle with cystic fibrosis.

"Wrecking Ball" is a reference to how he was obligated to continue doing shows.