Yet, there it was, patiently waiting. A man grows up with a cold and abusive father, and ends up becoming a cold and abusive father himself. Yes, it may not be your fault that you have all these haters, but it is your responsibility to find out why you are being hated. What if I told you that you have always had this type of friend, but you’ve hated it? A woman feels trapped in a marriage with a critical and angry husband, and in turn she becomes critical and angry toward everyone around her.

This is true regardless of the obstacles, inherited difficulties, or mess of a schedule you’ve become accustomed to living with. But separating the other people as evil means we are more likely to lash out at them and, before we know it, become cruel ourselves. Psychology Today Find a Therapist

It was just that would be everything you hate. You turned your back whenever it appeared and treated it like the plague. It’s all up for discussion. I’ve spoken to so many people who truly want to … That I'm afraid that you've become Everything that you had hated I'm waiting For this to blow away I've been working for Something oh so fake But it's never too late To correct the faults So many others made I know you don't care about whats right or fair I heard you say your future is looking so great I've been working for Something oh so fake

It never stopped believing in you, always having your best interests in mind. Instead, you think outside the box and creatively find solutions. You are an outside the box thinker. Have you ever noticed how people often become the very thing they hate? For your entire life, all you’ve done is try to run from this friend. Transform you into my fantasy girl. I’d love to play with you body too, bigger and better parts, maybe smoother edges that will be more willing to take a cock. You’re gonna be a smoker, a drinker, maybe a druggie. The smoking is important to me, the rest can be figured out. You do not have conventional solutions to problems. But I’m afraid… When someone lives with large amounts of clutter it’s almost always the result of fear.