Indirect pulp treatment in primary teeth 35 Fig. A review of 14 clinical studies, including over 2,300 cases of calcium hydroxide pulp capping, noted success rates of up to 90% when done by experienced clinicians. Formocresol pulpotomy (FP) in the United States is most frequently used to treat asymptomatic caries near the pulp in primary teeth. A protective liner is a thinly-applied liquid placed on the pulpal surface of a deep cavity preparation, covering exposed dentin tubules, to act as a protective barrier between the restorative material or cement and the pulp. indirect pulp capping: the application of a suspension of calcium hydroxide to a thin layer of dentin overlying the pulp (near exposure) in order to stimulate secondary dentin formation and protect the pulp.

The AAPD and the American Association of Endodontists recommend indirect pulp capping for primary teeth and young permanent teeth. Purpose :Evaluate clinical and radiographic changes in primary teeth submitted to indirect pulp capping (IPC) over a 48-month-period. 25 This review article highlighted two keys to calcium hydroxide direct pulp capping success: restricting pulp capping to asymptomatic teeth and providing a well-sealed restoration following the pulp cap. 1.Test of equality of survival distributions for the different levels of group (P= 0.514). A direct pulp cap is done on permanent teeth when the removal of deep decay results in exposing the pulp. This procedure in indicated in teeth which has deep caries, where majority of decay is removed, and a thin layer of decayed dentin is left back …

PURPOSE: To compare the effect of incomplete caries removal (ICR) and indirect pulp capping (IPC) with calcium hydroxide (CH) or an inert material (wax) on color, consistency and contamination of the remaining dentin of primary … Direct Pulp Caps. Pulpotomy is thought to be indicated for primary teeth with carious pulp exposures, but research shows the majority of such teeth are nonvital or questionable for treatment … Bressani AE, Mariath AA, Haas AN, Garcia-Godoy F, de Araujo FB. This is a step wise procedure and a long procedure which takes about 6 months or more to complete. In addition, calcium hydroxide has … In situations where the … Methods: Twenty seven primary molars with deep caries, but without preoperative signs of irreversible pulpits, were treated with IPC.

Primary teeth Vital pulp therapy for primary teeth diagnosed with a normal pulp or reversible pulpitis Protective liner. AmErICAN ACADEmy of PEDIATICr DENTISTry CLINICAL GUIDELINES 195 nosed with a normal pulp requiring pulp therapy or with re-versible … Indirect Pulp Capping: In this process, a thin layer of the soft dentin is left over the pulp, and a protective dressing is placed over the soft dentin. Place-ment of a thin protective liner such as calcium hydroxide, … Indirect pulp therapy (IPT) is also indicated and has a significantly higher long-term success.