I don’t like spicy so I chose the mild jerk seasoning and believe me, it still has a small punch of spice if you use too much. Follow directions and you’ll make the best jerk meat you’d ever imagined. Taste great on chicken and pork. There are two ways to prepare this, for two different methods of cooking.

I’ll explain the procedure in another post.

JAMAICAN JERK SAUCE (mild) It's very rare to find 100% authentic Jamaican Jerk-meats outside of Jamaica because of one absolutely necessary thing: Authentic Jamaican Jerk-meats are done on pimento-wood poles over a pit fire. View top rated Mild jerk sauce recipes with ratings and reviews. Breaded Chicken With Mild Teriyaki Sauce 7pts, Jamaican Jerk Sauce, Jerk Pork, etc.