Interns work closely with AMCC staff members and have other educational opportunities to learn about the inner workings of a marine conservation nonprofit and about fisheries policy in Alaska. Marine Conservation Cambodia saw the country needed help and decided to step in. At first it was a difficult process, as foreigners coming in trying to change things was not looked highly upon. Love for the natural world cannot be separated from love and respect for our fellow human beings. GVI offers international marine … Conservation internships can be a great way to gain valuable experience, and help you to secure your first paying conservation job.To date we have listed over 3,500 conservation internships and … We believe that protecting nature is critical to a more diverse, just and equitable world. The Atlas of Marine Protection ( is an online resource and webapp by Marine Conservation Institute that lets users discover the world's marine protected areas and see amounts and types of … CEI internships offer the chance to gain hands-on experience of research related to marine island ecosystems and their conservation, and environmental education in an amazing location.

Citizen Science Marine Conservation Marine Conservation & Divemaster Marine Conservation & Instructor Aim To provide people who are passionate about the natural environment and keen to … Internships can cover a variety of subjects such as fisheries biology, anthropology, local food, environmental organizing, policy, communications, fundraising, and more.

Our in-house Marine Conservation team Eco Koh Tao are a leading provider of marine conservation education on Koh Tao and throughout the South East Asia region.. Our internships are on offer for those who are able to commit more time to Reef Doctor. WiseOceans is a marine conservation and education company that works globally to strive towards a future with healthier oceans. Blue Corner runs internship programs throughout the year focusing on various aspects of marine conservation. Marine Conservation Internships. Marine Conservation Institute stands in solidarity with those protesting brutality and racial injustices everywhere. These marine science modules are listed below (modules can be taken individually or together in the … REEF's Marine Conservation Internship provides an array of diverse experiences including SCUBA diving, outreach and education, data collection, non-profit operations, event planning, graphic design, … WiseOceans employs three core strategies: to engage, educate and inspire

As you already know, the Oceans of planet earth are not exactly in a great shape these days. They are actively working on a number of environmental projects and are one of the most active environmental organisations on Koh Tao.. Applicants should be 19 or over and studying an undergraduate degree in a biological related field, or have previous research experience and an active interest in marine or ecological research. In fact a quarter of the world’s coral reefs, and their magnificent diversity of … The program is composed of several modules which can also be combined into the PADI Divemaster course. Interns will help fragment and care for corals throughout the internship at the Ocean Gardener Nursery, applying their new conservation and reef restoration skills and contributing to our local ecosystem. Our latest group of conservation interns just finished up their program!

They allow people with a keen interest in conservation, aquaculture, marine management, and social development, but with limited experience, to gain their first steps in this exciting, yet demanding work field. Marine conservation internships contribute to your professional development and enhance your access to careers in marine biology, conservation, and the diving industry. Making sure that volunteers and interns understood about Cambodian culture and had an understanding of how to interact in a developing country was not an easy task. During the Marine Conservation Internship, interns will help in monitoring the ongoing coral restoration project, learning even more about the ocean and ocean conservation.