The Hitchcock classic Saboteur features a fight on the Statue which ends with someone falling from the torch. He presents a souvenir replica of the statue to a Sicilian old woman who takes it as la Madonna americana. The monstrous slice of ocean that hits New York is taller than the Statue of Liberty and plows past the Twin Towers like they aren't even there. It was produced in 1968 or 1970, somewhere along.

Most of those movies see the statue meet its end at the hands of monsters, aliens, planets of apes and many more. After that, it's all flipping buses down the street, washing people away, and knocking down the Washington Square Arch like it's made of Lego bricks. That is at the very end of the movie "Planet of the Apes" with. Which appearance of the Statue of Liberty in movies is the most memorable? As with the box cover for Escape from New York, Liberty again loses her head for a movie with this one. Mayhem, I say! Discuss the list here! Refine See titles to watch instantly, titles you haven't rated, etc.


In most of her movie appearances she has played a peripheral role, lurking in the background as a torch-carrying part of the scenery. A grownup Vito returns to Corleone and celebrates with his family. The trash came from us, but the aliens knocked her over. Can you imagine if the police officers of today had instant judiciary powers? Independence Day. In this movie, set in the dystopian future, the Statue of Liberty is in the middle of the city and she looks rough.

The flying limousine in Team America (2004) took a detour round her diadem rays. The most terrifying event of the 90s left Lady Liberty face down in a river of trash. Here are the top 11 great moments in movies with The Statue of Liberty (where it doesn’t get destroyed). In Batman Forever a Gotham take of the Statue of Liberty is smashed up via helicopter. There’s a movie about Nostradamus whose name I can’t remember where we see a prophecy in which it is destroyed. Movies Where the Statue of Liberty Is Destroyed show list info It's Internation Women's Day and A Day Without Women, its time to look at the influence of Lady Liberty and how when she's no longer standing, you know things have gone South. For those who haven’t yet seen the whole film, it’s enough to say that Cloverfield is a strange tale of alien invasion, everlasting love and even longer lasting camcorder batteries. in there.

The Statute of Liberty is not only an iconic symbol of America, freedom and worldwide friendships – she has also been in more cinemas than popcorn. It’s also seen its fair share of use in movies, making appearances in every genre from comedy to drama.
[5] 1978 Superman: The Movie Superman and Lois Lane fly through the Metropolis skyline, … Refine See titles to watch instantly, titles you haven't rated, etc. Discuss the list here! Of course, we’d be optimistic too if we had three girl pigeons living with us like Henri does. Charleton Heston.

Judging by how many movies the Statue of Liberty has appeared in, we have to claim that she is by far the most popular female in all of Hollywood, without ever having left New York City! Inside the Statue of Liberty, Henri carries the boy place to place, singing enthusiastically to never say never, finally turning the mouse around until little Fievel is singing along.
The Statue of Liberty stands for American hopes and dreams, an emblem of both New York City and the American gateway. Which appearance of the Statue of Liberty in movies is the most memorable?