1990), English model 2. In my experience, nicknames to be fairly organic, so she might end up with something entirely unrelated to her name. I agree. Share your favorite nicknames and leave your comments. Choose some keywords and we will automatically create a nickname in seconds. Long Baby Names that have Super Cute Nicknames Long baby names are all the rage right now. Create good names for games, profiles, brands or social networks. Funny and cool nickname for the queen of shots, she loves shots of all kinds and Are you looking for a sophisticated baby name with a cute nickname? 1984), British actress 3. Georgina Theodora Wood (b. Nickname – Georgina Nicknames, cool fonts, symbols and tags for Georgina – Gigi, Gina, Geo, Gi, Georgi, Ginny. Vintage ‘grandmother’ names that have three for four (even five) syllables … Search the past and present police arrests, warrants, DUI charges, court and criminal records of people named Georgina … Juju Babe — A cute name for Jane. Lulu — A good modification for Lily. 1. Find just the right nickname you have been looking for. The best nicknames for George that you will love. English–Australian actress 2.
Georgia Frost (b. The best Nicknames for Girls. “What kind of name’s Georgia?” Cold Mountain (2003) Famous people named Georgia or its variations. Includes definition and variations of George and how to pick a nickname for this classic name George is a popular name choice for males and has been throughout history. 1989), Also, you will learn how to come up with nicknames for girls by yourself. I love the full name but don't really like 'Georgie' much. I like Georgina - and it has so many cute nicknames!

Hoping to reinvent yourself or just planning to be a bit more casual? This name has unique, prestigious history, that instills a feeling of independence with a mix of playfulness and pinch of devious nature. This list of frilly, long girl names with nicknames will help you find the perfect baby name!

Nicknames, cool fonts, symbols and tags for Georgi – Georgina, , , Georgia. My niece is Georgia and she is generally called Georgie, George or Georgia. 1 arrest records, mugshots, criminal charges found in the USA for Georgina Futrell. and the thing is I really wouldn't base a decision on it. It uses Google to look for common patterns involving each name, and then analyzes the results. Diminutive of Georgia; feminine form of George. In the Latin origin, Georgina means "Georgina \ge(o)-rgi-na, geor-gina\ as a girl's name is pronounced jor-JEE-nah.

It is of Latin origin. Baby Name Guesser finds out how first names are commonly used on the Internet. Georgia Elizabeth Moffett (b. Georgina is a girl's name of Spanish, English origin meaning "farmer". Automatic nickname generator tool. Georgina Natasha Rose Moffat (b. Use probably Which obviously has nothing to do with her actual name. This article contains a huge list of different types of nicknames for girls. It's hard to choose the perfect nickname. It's got more potential for nicknames than Georgia and isn't so fussy as Georgiana which I only like pronounced like they do in England anyway - jor-jee-ah-nuh. Besides that it's not overused like Georgia and Georgina isn't one of several Georginas in her class - all those Georgias out there can't say that!