NIKI releases “lowkey” as her first single of 2019, a silky, delicate tune about keeping a budding romance under wraps.

The song is about NIKI’s adventure with a boy as they

Maybe we could change the odds When I'm there, you're not, you're here, I'm caught up with my job And your clingy ex comes back a lot, then she leaves and you shoot your shot But there's someone new I've got, and the cycle never stops, no “Indigo” is a single from NIKI released on August 13, 2019. The universe fuckin' hates my guts. NIKI lyrics - 24 song lyrics sorted by album, including "Lowkey", "Vintage", "I Like U". You’re the mind-game mastermind, but What I’d give to make that mind mine to lose, oh, yeah ’cause I know you’ve got somebody
Born on 24th January 1999 and raised in Jakarta, she is known for her charming rhythmic beats and euphoniously soothing vocals. lyricsfa May 17, 2019 odds by NIKI. NIKI is the stage name of Indonesian R&B artist, Nicole Zefanya.
It was advertised on NIKI’s instagram page 2 days before release. This has got to be a joke ... I’m never giving up against all odds No no no no, yeah. [Verse 1] This has got to be a joke. Lyrics: Maybe it's the way that / You make me wanna lay back / If I can put the blame on the state of my mind / Wasn't supposed to stay, I can't say that I tried / There's something in the urs Lyrics: Slick wit, lip lick, and we sleep in our skin / Fast as I give in (Right into you) / Too deep, too fast too / Now I can't move 'til you call and tell me to / Now it's all guessing move! Remindin’ me you and I don't spell us. odds Lyrics. We share different postal codes. NIKI – odds Lyrics.

NIKI – odds Lyrics [Verse 1] This has got to be a joke The universe fuckin' hates my guts Remindin’ me “U” and “I” don't spell "US" We share different postal codes Maybe that's why I never got the memo She’s the real deal and I was just a pretty demo [Pre-Chorus 1]