ASTM A36 angle is one of the most widely used carbon steels in industry. Start calculating here! AISC A36 Structural Angle Steel Sizes. To help with that, we’ve got our handy weight calculator here. Size Leg1 X Leg2 X Thickness. In the metal weight calculator above we have pre-entered the densities of many commonly used metals like carbon steel, stainless steel, iron, copper, nickel, aluminum, as well as metal alloys such as bronze, aluminum and nickel alloys: Nickel 200, Monel 400, Inconel 600, Inconel 625, Inconel 718, Inconel X-750, Incoloy 800. A36 steel it is weldable, formable, and machinable. The table below gives the size and shape dimensions, weight per foot and cross section area for Structural Steel Angle per AISC . Weight Calculator Metal gets heavy, and whether you want to see how much shipping is likely to be, or if your vehicle (or back) can handle it, it’s good to know what your order weighs. AISC Structural Steel Angle Sizes Table Chart A36 . Metal Weight Calculator Grade of Raw Metal Select Aluminium Brass IS 319 Carbon Steel Cast Iron Copper EN-19 EN-1A EN-24 EN-8D EPDM Rubber Fe 11 Fe 12 Fe 24 Hestalloy C-276 Inconel 600 Inconel 610 Inconel 625 Mild Steel Natural Rubber SBR Rubber Silver SS 201 SS 300 Series SS 303 SS 304 SS 304L SS 308 SS 309 SS 309L SS 310 SS 316 SS 316L SS 321 SS 400 Series SS 410 SS 416 SS 446 ST … The following chart table gives cross section engineering data for ASTM Structural Steel Angle as follows: ASTM B308 Aluminum Structural Shape Angle Equal Leg Table Structural Materials Menu | Metal Products Supplier Structural Angle Aluminum - The table below gives the size and shape dimensions, weight per foot and cross section area for aluminum angle per ASTM AISC . The calculator can help you estimate the weight of metal parts in various quantities. The metal weight calculator from Industrial metal Supply asks for some basic info to calculate the weight in pounds of your metal. Galvanizing the steel increases its corrosion-resistance. Structural Materials Menu | Metal Products Supplier.