Nutrients and Vitamins for Pregnancy It is important to remember that with a healthy diet, you should be able to get the full amount of these vitamins and minerals. 11 Essential Vitamins and Minerals For Pregnancy 1. Eating a healthy, varied diet in pregnancy will help you get most of the vitamins and minerals you need (NHS Choices, 2017a).But as well as munching on those blueberries and grabbing some avocado toast for lunch, you might be thinking about getting some supplements. Where to get pregnancy supplements. Part of a healthy diet as a soon-to-be mom includes proper vitamins and minerals to ensure an optimally healthy pregnancy.Of course, consult with your doctor or midwife before beginning a new supplement.. 10 Vitamins and Minerals You Need During Pregnancy You can get supplements from pharmacies and supermarkets, or a GP may be able to prescribe them for you. You may be able to get free vitamins if you qualify for the Healthy Start scheme. Vitamin A. Vitamin A is good for lots of different things like preventing anemia, stabilizing the metabolism, encouraging fetal eye and bone development, and developing tissue during pregnancy. I wanted to do whatever I could to get my health in superior condition before I … You'll get most of the vitamins and minerals you need by eating a healthy, varied diet.

I know that every pregnancy is different but before we tried to conceive this child, I did a ton of research on what to eat during pregnancy and most important vitamins for pregnancy. Vitamins and supplements in pregnancy. Talk with your healthcare provider about additional supplements to ensure that (1) you are getting enough of each vitamin/mineral, and (2) you are not exceeding the daily maximum for each vitamin/mineral, to avoid overdose/toxicity .

Otherwise, over-the-counter vitamins are available at … But too much of a good thing is too much. If you have pregnancy complications or other health concerns, your doctor might recommend a prescription prenatal supplement.

P regnancy comes with tremendous transformations for you and your baby, and keeping your health in check is now your primary priority. But when you're pregnant you also need to take a folic acid supplement.

If you want to get your folic acid from a multivitamin tablet, make sure the tablet does not contain vitamin A (or retinol). My first pregnancy was rough. Supplements like folate, iron, and prenatal vitamins are considered safe for pregnant women. Also, because we're indoors a lot of the time, we might not be getting enough vitamin D …